Can anyone get my file to animate? successfully connect armature?

I have wasted 5 days. I cannot get the mesh to parent to armature/bones for the life of me. I don’t know what I am doing wrong or if there is problem with my mesh. here is the file.
Please I am ready to give up and not want to work with blender ever again. I was having fun at first learning but now I am thinking its to technical and way over my head. and I am a experienced graphic artist. []
file was created in blender 2.8

I looked briefly at your model. No you won’t be able to animate this. Way too heavy. You need to Retopo this model and get it down to around 20,000 poly. Take some time to study modeling for animation. There are several courses out there. You will not be able to use automatic weights because this mesh is not suitable. Pull in a rigged model ready to animate from Blend Swap and look at the topology. Your best bet in my opinion is to do a retopo model and use this model for baking your UV’s. If you google about bone heat weighting failed you can get a ton of reasons most of which apply to this mesh. Don’t waste your time trying to use this model. It will go nowhere.

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