Can anyone help me with BGE properties???

Can anyone help me with Properties. I need help with it allot. I know allot with the BGE but properties. can anyone make me like a simple blend that has BGE properties in it. Or anyone no a link for great great tutorials on properties. Thanks

Without more specific information on what you want to do, nobody is going to help you. Do you just not understand the concept of properties?

Properties… aka VARIABLES… are simply ways to store information. An “int” property contains an integer number (0, 1, 2, 3, … 500… etc), a “float” property is for a floating point number (1.5, 2.6723, 935.621, 5.0), a “string” property stores text (“yay”, “bla”, “I like Blender!”), a “boolean” property is basically a switch with 2 settings, True (on) or False (off).

You use the property actuator and sensors to control your game. Say that you wanted to have your character take 3 hits before he died. Have an integer property called “health” and reduce it whenever it gets hit. Then use a sensor that checks for when that property is 0, and link it to an end object actuator.

Honestly, they’re an easy concept. Just play with it and you’ll get it.


To add a property to an object you must use addProperty(). In the Blender API you have a short description of the different properties!