can anyone help me with my cardboard box?

hi, ok ive started mt major project, which will be an animation of a teddy bear walking round (there is a small story but im keeping it to myself atm) anyways at the start the bear will shake inside a box then come out through the top.
im tryin my best to create a basic scene with the correct lighting, camera angle ect to import my models to.
ive created my box (exept i still have to add flaps at the top) however it doesnt look right to me.

i want to get something that looks just like this. its perfect for the camera angle, lighting and texture.

what would be the best way to get this?

Texture is getting there. Whether to make it more real or not really depends on how long the movie sequence dowels on the box. The real shot do show variation in shading along box sides, small imperfections, wrinkles, on side as well. To add those you do need to UV it.