Can anyone help me with these things in BGE plz? (If you can plz include .blend file)

-KeyPad With Password
-Keycard With Door
-Key With Door
-Money System
-Vending Machine With Animation

I can give it my best shot with quick explanations, but if you’re asking for .blend files, you’re probably asking too much. At that point, you’re more or less asking for people to make assets for you. And that’s not what this forum is for.

Keep in mind that a lot of what you want done requires Python knowledge, as well as some experience with Blender and its game engine. If you’re looking for super easy solutions for all of this, or stuff you can have done in a day or two, you should probably look into other programs such as Unity. Blender Game Engine is very DIY.

  • Elevator: It really depends on the kind of game you want to make. If it’s a first-person game, you can get away with having the player enter a little room, press a button on a wall, wait a second, and change the level around them. You can do this with logic bricks, by putting your level objects on hidden layers and adding them in on an empty with an Add Object actuator, then simply End Object-ing them when they need to go away.
    If you want the player to physically ride the elevator, though, that’s a bit more tricky. It requires some slick Python knowledge, and a lot of weird parenting manipulation. It’s something I struggle with every time I go to make it.

  • Keypad with Password: This one also depends on the kind of game you want. If you want a first-person game, you can have physical buttons on the keypad, but otherwise you’ll need to have a whole UI built. And that’s a whole 'nother can of worms. But basically, each button would add a number to a string property when clicked on. If the string gets too big, it’ll reset the string. If the string is correct, it’ll play a “DING” and activate whatever should be activated.

  • Door with Key/Keycard: These are pretty similar. First you’ll want to make a door with some animations, one open and one closed. Put a Boolean property on it, and set up the logic bricks so that the “open” animation is flippered when the Boolean property is True. Use a script to check the player’s inventory for a specific key that pertains to that specific door (which you can put into a property on a per-door basis). If it’s there, have that script set that Boolean prop to True.

  • Escalator: Same problem with the elevator, the programming for this one is a bit of a nightmare in Blender. Hard to describe in a short post like this, and I don’t have any good examples on-hand.

  • Money System: This is probably the easiest one you want to do. Put an Integer property on your player character object, and call it “money”. Your scripts can then reference this property every time the player picks up money or tries to buy something.

  • Vending Machine with Animation: This is where you’re looking not for game engine help, but modelling and animation help. You’re best off looking in those subforums.

  • NPC AI: Aaaaand we come to the most complex thing. Yeah, this is definitely something I struggle with. I, and many, many other developers. And it’s REALLY dependant on a per-game basis. Like, one AI system will NOT be perfect for multiple games. You really just need to start with a system that has enemies detect the player character and do different things acccording to whether or not they’re near them.

To finalize, what you want to do is VERY complex for a beginner. I would HIGHLY recommend learning Python and doing some much, MUCH simpler things before leaping onto stuff like this. Once you have a better grasp on how Blender works, it’ll be easier to look at it and say “ohh, yes, that’s how I can do THIS mechanic”.

  • but please give me a ready-made game, before that they registered for me at Steam … :evilgrin:
    All that you asked for is ready-made templates for the game, and everyone here is not in a hurry to share. And some give a lot, but they will ask more later. And honestly, these solutions are not difficult - they need to be developed by themselves - to understand logic. The question should be different - tell me how to solve one of these questions, then the second, third …
    Sorry for the joke … first string. And not much criticism (hint).:rolleyes:

Not to be disrespectful to the OP but I think you should do all this yourself…seems like you want people to make the entire game for you.

In other words this is the wrong tactic…try to tackle these things on your own. When or if you have a problem return here with your issue and ask for help with one specific item…not an entire system for money :).
A better example is…“how do I increase or decrease the players money in real time?”
this is concise and is small enough that people will not feel as though they are being taken advantage of…I understand you may be ‘just starting out’…we have all been there, so be patient and give it a go on your own…there are a lot of helpful people here…and a lot of us have questions from time to time.

aside from that you can go look at the resources thread for some of those items on your list…I’m not sure if they are there or not, but you can look…there are a lot of things there…I really do not know what you will find.

Whatever you think that we are on the forum arrogant and angry little wolves :evilgrin: - this is an example of an elevator - elevator_test01.blend (559 KB) (this example is a free extended help on BGE, on its basis you (and everything on the forum) can even create your game (and commercial to) and do not remember me:eyebrowlift2:)

We are kind and fluffy … :o

step one - done?

p.s. it’s written (example) by me - little warm-up …

Look into resource section of the forum, you should find all that you need.

That may have been for naught. We may not see the OP again. Two posts, made his account a year and a half ago, and his only other post is a similar request in a different subforum.

  • Well, not so bad - I trained in Python, and someone else might need such a solution (and for me, too, in the archive of “raw” blanks).

Here I pushed the buttons a little - and the second step is ready -a link. Maybe to someone it will be necessary an example (not only for the author of the Thread).
Then, I will redesign a more advanced elevator and put in my Thread in the examples.

I can help with this. First step is importing the money though. So you’ll need to send me what you have.