can anyone help me with this

well Im currently attempting to make a game lol and trying to add in some sort of “blast?” i guess lol. now ive got the object to spawn from the empty but when i rotate around the object only shoots out from one direction so if i turn backwards the objects comes out from behind me and if im sideways the objects comes from the side of me…can anyone help me with this? oh im using a 3rd person camera that can rotate around my player if that helps.

I’m also trying to get the object to only be able to shoot out when in first person view and shoot towards the crosshair…
if anyone can guide my way towards that thanks

I guess you need to rotate the empty with the camera? You must have the camera parented to something in order to get it to spin round the character, so I guess you should parent your shooter empty to the same object as the camera?

Also, make sure you have to little “L” button next to the bullet’s linv values in the actuator selected. The “L” stand for local transition.

(edit) It works lol i cant believe it was so simple thanks a lot man