can anyone help me?????

(BlendedMind) #1

i am trying to make a big project and would like to have some people help me out with making diffrent things can anyone help??? :-?

(gryphon) #2

OK, now you’re a newbie so it’s almost excuseable, but would you mind horribly being just a BIT more specific as to what you need? If you ask specifically what it is that you’re trying to make, then maybe the good people in this community would assist you in parting with some knowlege about how to make what you need.

I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just common courtesy on messageborads, especially on one that you’re looking for assistance.

P.S. A bit more descriptive message subject would be nice too.

(BlendedMind) #3


(Ecks) #4

this will not help us…

(gryphon) #5

It’s not a big deal, BlendedMind. Now, what specifically are you trying to make, and what is giving you the most trouble?

(remember, the more specific you are, the better we can help you.)

(BlendedMind) #6

ok well to start off i am really bad at using blender and yes i know it has a steap learning curve, i am sticking with it for awhile lol but i want to make almost like a mini cartoon thingy and have the idea’s down and what i want the people to look like i just don’t know A. how to texture good and be how to model well so i am in a bit of a pickle which is why i asked if any pro’s would lend some time in making this project come to life.