Can anyone help on a java program

I am trying to make a program that enters text into a text box in an external program when I click the textbox. An example would be that I run the program, then click the address bar in my browser, and it would enter the text there, or I could run the program and then click the page in microsoft word and it would type out the text. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

other than serious amounts of spamming, what could a program like that be good for?

It’s more of a test to see how it would work, than an actually full program. I’m just curious and couldn’t find anything on google about it, I don’t even know where to start searching.

I don’t really see what the point of it would be, I would help regardless if I could but I’m only at an entry level in java. I would look at the libraries to see if there are any classes that handle external output from the program.

why java? what’s your programming background? why this forum? lol?

Stanford has an excellent free ~30 part lecture series on Java.
Course | Programming Methodology by StanfordUniversity

From experience I can only utter the suggestion that you first learn from a generalized approach, like that series, then tackle individual precisely defined problems. That series is a stepping stone for learning other languages too. Google ‘MIT open courseware’ for a lot more programming introductions.

I am learning java in school, that is why I’m making it in java. Why this forum, because it’s the only programming related forum I’m a member of, and I didn’t want to join another forum just to ask one question. My teacher didn’t know how to do it, and I think it’s possible, so I just wanted to know. If I can’t find it, that’s fine, it’s not that important.