Can anyone help with rigging text in Blender (Text has been converted to mesh)

Does anyone know how to rig a text in Blender? The text has been converted to a mesh.

I think You have pressed Alt+C on text object while it was selected in object mode.
There are gazillion ways how to rig a text by the way.
If You press I and hit location or LocRocScale on timeline for frame one, and then move the
object to a new location like frame 25 and do the same again with LocRocScale
then You’ll have two spots in time for an object moving from a to b or that frame 1 to 25.
If You select game engine where Blender render is and go to logic editor to open keyboard sensor for letter A
then add and, and action in which you should be able to see your actions if you press on those 3 small objects…set start frame 1 and end frame 25 in action actuator and connect them 3 things by clicking on those black holes next to actuators and drag until you see like a black stretchy lines… once that is done… press p and a and it should play your animation of moving text.
If You learn how to type with logic editor and set properties for all of your alphabet to add up for totals with collision sensors to level integer properties…
you could be making your own programming language for combinations of symbols
set for if statements waiting for special commands
your 1 to 25 could be set to be played if you just type “textmove1-25now” or it could be even sent to be dropped on a different scene if totals of what you set for any blahblah blah or yada yada yada or type for it to open it to look like a new Windows Supa Dupa mega drive Browser
and make all the buttons look like on facebook
just add empty to move along
with every letter being pressed while it is dropping letters and colliding with something which levels properties… it could be a good chance you could kill your marquee your text marquee typed in bluechip3d notepad tripplepluss with additions of css type of lines to type in its location on scene
and then start i i i the stretching and squeesing of text too…
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