can anyone help

im asking for help on how to level design, and how to pick up weapons and switch to differnt weapons that you have and ammo bar etc can anyone add a tutorial for these. as someone must know how to do em

must people will probably recommend the FPS template, which is a great resource. it’s a sticky. to actually understand it, you will need some prior knowledge. the blender noob to pro, if i’m not mistaken, has a tutorial on pick ups. ammo bars usually need some amount of coding, and switching weapons don’t have a tutorial that i’m aware of. but i do believe a simmple combo of mouse wheel up/ down, property set up, and replace mesh actuators and sensors should do the trick. once again, prior knowledge necesary. if you can’t do that yet, might wanna start simpler. there a tons of great tuts. just look :smiley: