Can anyone locate this song??

i looked everywhere to download this song.
Limewire and the internet have no results…:frowning:
i really want this song…for my cwalking…

can someone maybe locate this song or record it from the link at the bottom?

I kind of question the legality of it, but there is a way to record sound coming through your sound card with something like audacity or windows sound recorder.

its illegal to download this… and as far as i remember there was something about piracy on the forum rules…

There is a button to buy it from itunes, does that not work?

If you’ve bought it then but have a problem with encoding rate or the like, then you could download it legally (well, fairly, at least). That would be easy enough.

No, I could not. Tried alot for your sake, but finished in the failing line.

trak wrecka, check your PMs.

However, this is still kind of illegal, and this thread should be locked.

personally, I think(Thoughg as an intermediate recording artist, I wouldnt want my music getting ripped off) that as soon as you put your music out for download, or on a CD, you should get over the fact that it may be stolen, etc…