Can anyone make a 2d filter like this?

Hey guys, can anyone make a realtime ambient occulsion 2d filter which looks like this?

I only want the places of intersection to get darkened, not the edges to get darkened, I want to say that only the places where 2 object confront each other, only that place should recieve the AO, I do not want the AO to make my edges of any objects to look ugly, I only want the AO to spread as shown in this pic, please if anyone can do it, please make it for UPBGE 2.5, thanks

Why don’t you try? :slight_smile:

Random search to get going:

Dude I dont know ANYTHING about GLSL programming, I am just a 14 yrs old kid, please someone do it for me

And yes, I dont not want SSAO, I want the AO to look like the AO I showed in the pic

I think panzer game was like 16 or so when he was coding advanced render tech into upbge.

Take tutorials online and take your time,
You can learn anything.

A friend of mine aged 14 back in the early 90s was happily programming his Amiga in pure Assembly code and doing all sorts of graphics effects. Without the option to fall back on the web (which barely existed) And no, he wasn’t a genius, just highly motivated and having fun.

Age is not a delimiter!

Well it takes not knowing something to have a reason to learn. Most people on these forums are here to help with what we can, not just implement things because someone asks for it. Don’t beg, get help.

That line is unlikely to work, and specially on strangers.

Here is a great resource with interactive bits of code and all. Go through it.

Guys guys chill, I know age is not a limiter to what I can learn, the issue over here is my school and the current standard I am studying in, I am currently in std 10th,in India, 10th std is assumed to be a crucial year in a students carrier, therefore this year my parents decreased my laptop using time to just 30 mins, last year when I was in 9th, I started learning python and I have apready covererd basics of it because in 9th, I has my whole day, but this year I will be very busy, thats why I am requesting you guys to do it for me, please understand my current situation, thanks

Lol :joy: People here has a life too, and many others things to do, so, chill out.

I’m not pretending to be rude but no one here is going to make things for you if you are not showing that effort and passion for a project. Just being asking and begging for someone to make scripts/shaders and so on is not the way to learn, the only way is learning by doing.

I’m so sorry for you and your situation, but in that case try to adapt to it, modify your project/game idea and make simper things.

Good luck!


How about using those thirty minutes to study GLSL instead of asking us to do things for you, eh? Heck, show some promess as a programmer and your parents may re-evaluate their stance. You’ve been making these threads for a while now and it still hasn’t worked out for you, so maybe take the hint already.

I had no time when I was your age either, spending almost two thirds of a day at school. They let me off for an hour at a time in-between so I could eat and take a dump, and that was it. Horrible place. I signed up for computer science but I got three years doing manual labor and reading about car engines. One time they made me weld without gloves and I got electrocuted, fun times. I made it through that alive, and you can go through one tutorial a day.

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Yes dude, I am not it😁

14 year old kid.

That figures…

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When I was teaching myself how to code in Pascal way back in the 90s, no experienced programmer was going to accept that sort of excuse you use. They would just tell you to do your own homework, knowing that a person your age is trying to pass a class the easy way. The reason I told you yesterday that I want to learn how to do things myself is because that’s the only way to really learn.


Ok then bro