Can anyone make a Claxa video tutorial ?

Does anyone in here knows how to use claxa , could you make a little video tutorial and post it in vimeo ?

I hope someone knows and shares , thankx !

This seems like a cool little tool, is it free for commercial use ? there was no information on theis site, and no EULA in the installer

claxa!, Not sure on my time, If i get time I’ll try to do a tutorial, if i did not reply within a week from now on this thread with a link to the tutorial, that mean I did not have time to do so… your luck Dude!

Edit: what is it you want to know more on claxa ?

Well basically how it works, why sometimes the mask just goes crazy, a basic overview of how to use it, tips n tricks etc…

A guided overview of how to rotoscope a person in a video footage, like 4 example:

Import video, click here, click here, then go to frame “X” , then to frame “XX” , and press “Y”, then “this” should happen, if the mask go wrong , try to change the “Z” parameter or the “W” Parameter, then to finish do “this”

Somthing like that but in video.

Thanx! PLeaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.:p:p:p:p:p

No sorry, I try to get time to do the tutorial but my work list is huge… I really wanted to do the tutorial but i hope you understand, I can just do any Sh!t and call it a tutorial but that’s will not work for anyone and not Cool…

Good luck for finding a tutorial…


Dont worry , no problem , but i would love even a shity walktrough.

Maybe you can just answer my main problem , why do the mask sometimes just goes crazy from one frame to another and how to fix that ? :confused:

Thanx !

The mask gets comes unstuck when the system loses track of the edges of the tracked objects. There are several things that can help:

  1. if the object doesn’t change shape, (i.e. is non-moving and inanimate) turn on optic flow and increase max motion and reduce the tracker size.

  2. Under refine, increase window half (try doubling it).

  3. Use multiple masks. When a mask becomes unstuck from the object, go back to the last point where it was good and make a new mask from the existing one, extending it to the end of your shot and pull the old mask range back so it ends at the good frame. Many times, that’s all that is needed to get a good track and you won’t need to change anything else.

Hope this helps.