Can anyone make an animated dice? can trade U original music

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hello, thanks for reading this. i am trying to get an animation of a dice tumbling towards the viewer and gradually coming to a standstill in 3d or even just rotating . it’s to be shown as an animated logo for a club-night that myself and some friends are starting in newcastle, england. i presume that this should be reasonably straight forward though i have no knowledge of 3d rendering at all, mind you, this site has opened my eyes a lot!
the only thing i can really offer is to make some music for a website or short animation in exchange as that is what i do. you can hear some of my work at my website
if you reckon you could help me please give me a shout [email protected] and we can work something out. any help is much appreciated.
thanks in advance!
ali :smiley:

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Nice of you to visit our forums.
I listened to some of the music on your site… nice work.

Can you elaborate on your requirements. Is this for PAL TV format?, Web delivery?, etc… how are you presenting it, how long (Seconds) does the video clip need to be? Are you combing the video with your music, etc… Anything you can tell will be helpful in determining how much work it would be to tackle this job.


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i guess you’re right mthoenes, i have been pretty vague, i guess i didn’t want to be too presumptious with my requirements! anyway, here’s a brief for what we are looking for:
the club-night that we are running is called ‘five/four’ and so i
thought it would be good to have a dice with the logo on the sides
that are usually 4 and 5 of the dice.
the dice would also have rounded corners rather than squared off
ones. this 3d dice would then bounce, tumble and spin (as if thrown)
until it comes to a standstill right in front of the viewer taking up
almost all of the screen with one side. this sequence could then be
repeated so that different numbers ended up facing the viewer eg. the
side with the logo is rolled and then 1, 2, logo side, 2, 6, logo
etc. obviously this idea could be made more detailed with things like
differrent or randomly generated rolls in different directions all
ending in the same .
we were initially thinking of having this look as realistic as
possible (maybe slowed down a bit) but i dont really know the ins and
outs of this or how difficult this would be to do, even just the dice rotating would be brilliant.
the preferred format would be as a quicktime movie or flash animation that can run from a pc. the ideal clip length would be about 10-15 seconds for each roll of the dice and then the sequence of different rolls would be repeated on a loop. the animation is to be projected onto a large screen during the night in the main room of the club.

any help much appreciated, hope this makes things a bit clearer. any more questions, give me a shout.

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Thanks for the info. Now the big question, How soon do you need it? It sounds like a fun project to tackle. I am teaching a 3D animation class using Blender and I will bring up the project in the class. perhaps we can come up with something for you. Modeling the dice is no problem.

About the Logo, Do you already have the Logo worked out and is it online somewhere I could look at it. Or could you email it in Jpeg format to [email protected]… Please reply in this forum that you have emailed me if you go that route.


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thanks for getting back to me, i have already had a response and someone is working on an animation for the club-night but if you or your class would like to come up with something that would be wicked, we could then run different versions of the dice animation. i’m just waiting on the logo to be finished, i will email it to you as soon as i have something.

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I look forward to seeing your Logo,
Good to know you have someone committed to getting the job done for you.