Can anyone run this script (Director W3D export)?

Can anyone run this script (Director W3D export)?
I keep getting this error at the console "Attribute Error: ‘module’ object has no attibute ´getCurrentScene’.
The script says it for Blender version 2.11+. As I couldn´t get my hands on version 2.11 (can anyone?), I tried on versions 2.32, 2.25 and 2.26.

Change Blender.getCurrentScene() to Blender.Scene.getCurrentScene()

Thanks ascotan, but I changed and still got the same error.
Did you get the script to work? In what version of Blender?

This scripts is as old as the hills. You’ll need to do some serious changes to this to get it to work with the current API

I got this far and stopped:
scene = Blender.Scene.getCurrent()
for name in scene.getChildren():
if name.getType() == “Mesh”:
print(“Writing %s…
" % name)
fileName = “%s.w3d” %
FILE = open(fileName, “w”)

" % version)
FILE.write("MESH %s

" % name)

    mesh = name.getData()
    faces = mesh.faces
    materials = mesh.materials
    vertices = mesh.verts

Thanks. Would there be a way to run it as it is? Maybe in a diferent Blender version?

I think this is not a Shockwave W3D exporter. It exports W3D2 (whatever this is).

About W3D:
Is anybody creating a W3D exporter? W3D ist the exchange format for Director Shockwave3D. A spec is available.

official sdk:

a opensource exporter for Softimage with source:

I downloaded the SDK, it includes sample code and documentation. if anybody will coding the exporter but didn’t like the registration i can make it available.