Can anyone show me how to setup a car engine sound script in Blender 2.70

Can any HELP MEEEE!!! :eyebrowlift2:


basically you need setup a actuator in logic bricks with the apropiate sound (sound engine for example, see the image).

Then in a text script ( in this case) you need change the pitch of sound based in the speed (for engine sound in this case).

This is a example, not a working code, i hope you have the idea.
You need link (wire) the controller (of type script) of the object to this actuator (car.actuators[‘engine2’]
in this case)

  from bge import logic as g


def sound_engine ( vehicleID, brakes, delay, speed
    sound= car.actuators['engine2']    
    factor = 1300

    pitch = g.pitch
    pitch = round((speed/factor),4)
    if pitch >= 0.2:
        sound.pitch = pitch
        sound.pitch = 0.2    
    g.pitch = sound.pitch

Experiment with diferent values of the factor variable.