Can anyone tell me what is a mesh?

I keep hearing of it but I do not know what it means.

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A mesh is a set of flat faces which are made up of 3 points (these points are called vertices) which are all joined together to make a 3d object, that 3d object is the mesh.

the flat faces are called polygons, and the more polygons the slower something will render (thats why Final Fantasy the game doesn’t have as much eye-candy as the movie, the game would just run to slow if it had the same poly-count as the movie).

If your talking in physical terms a mesh is also something a sculptor will use as the base before he/she fleshes out the details with clay.

it’s not a big difference, but polygon’s can have 4 vertices too.
Basically a mesh is any object that has set vertices and the faces are made from these vertices. If you insert>mesh>sphere or a cube, that is a simple mesh.

A mesh is opposed to an object made out of curves, like NURBS modelling

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Heu…let’s polemicise? a bit???
A face (three vertices) is always flat
A polygon (four vertices) is a two faces “group” with
all the vertices in the same plan
An Object (at least in blender) can be a Mesh or a Curve or
An Object (at least in Blender) can have multiple Meshes…
Or maybe all this is wrong :slight_smile:

I always thought that a mesh could only be made up of triangles, and squares on a mesh are 2 triangles put together to form a square, of course I could (and probably am) wrong in that assumption…

Quads are two triangles, since 4 four points in space are not always coplanar. Blender just doesn’t show you these triangles.