Can anyone tell me?

Hello Fella’s,

Can anyone tell me how to check (find out) the poly count of a model :confused:? I’ve been using Blender for several months now (I used Rhino prior, and still do), and I don’t know how to find out a models poly count (with Blender).

easy its at the top of your blender program when you select it

Thank you darkcgi, you’ve been most helpful, and I appreciate it much.
But I must admit I feel like somewhat of an idiot now :o.
:smiley: Hundred.

hi everyone i am new to blender and i have ver.2.44 i am having a problem when i try to save as or append blender crashes can anyone help me plz

ive used blender for a long time before i realized that stuff was up there
i just looked at the version and the memory
it show vert count face count and object selection count i think to

if your using windows i suggest re-downloading it from a different mirror
ive never had problems with blender on any machine and ive used a lot
sometimes the compiled release is corrupted or something
and you can get another copy from somewhere else like