Can anyone think of a feasible way to make this work?

Sorry for the incredibly vague title, I simply dont know how to describe my issue in a short manner.
I currently co-operate a free online game and I need to make a render for its “thumbnail”. Problem is the game was built on a engine which at the time it was built did not support user meshes.

Instead everything had to be built out of a set of primitives (cube, cylinder, sphere, wedge) with some limited solid molding support. As such the model is made up of a few dozen meshes, and worse, each face has its own separate vertices.

All I need is a feasible system that allows me to manipulate the limbs so they look semi organic (they do not need to be attached to the torso. Any suggestions would be appreciated. (note I tried rigging this, needless to say that that did not work at all)


ODST.blend (1.54 MB)

Here’s a very simple rig you can look at, to clear the bone rotations in pose mode select all bones (a) and hit alt r
ODST2.blend (1.72 MB)

How did you get the bones to stick to the rig, I fully rigged it up but it would only use a few vertices.

Bones/rig sort of the same term. I think you mean how did you get the vertices of separate objects to be controlled by bones in a single armature. On the torso/head one bone controls all of their verts. In that case you select a single bone in pose mode. Selec the object and hsift select the armature and ctrl p choose ‘bone’ that bone will controll that whole object. On the legs/arms ethir are two vertex groups assigned byhand that have the exact same names as the bones, I added an armature modifier and chosse the armature, and by default if you have vertex groups matching bone names they will just work.
This kind of model, with various meshes, non manifold etc…, won’t do well with automatic weights and you will have better luck doing it by hand.

I ment to say mesh, not rig. (I believe rig refers to the end project) As I have done one tutorial on how to rig (and that attached the bones to the mesh all at once) entirely went over my head, but at least I have a general idea of what to do now, thanks.