Can BI & cycles renders be composited together?

Can I composite Blender Internal renders(godrays, etc.) with cycles renders?

Make it much more clear about your doubt…

Indeed, I guess I mean, can render layers, be combined from both BI and cycles.
Maybe, if they were the OpenEXR format, and use the z-combine node. That just hit my brain.
edit: but then they would have the depth info, so objects wouldn’t have to be masked out, but lights and shadows wouldn’t work.(?)

Also, is OpenEXR format how I would save a cycles render so I could composite that render layer at a later time without re-rendering.

sure you can: you can have more than one scene, each scene with its own render engine. Renderlayers from different scenes can be composited together. See this example noodle:

Cycles does take a very different approach to things, so its outputs are different from BI’s, but the geometry is the same, the camera is the same and so on. Let BI “drive the bus” in terms of producing the types of outputs that you need for compositing masks and so-on. Let Cycles give you “that good, even, soft-box lighting” and then use BI to produce beauty-passes, masks and such.

Camera clipping sure is different (cycles got strange spherical one), but everything else seems to be the same.

cycles got strange spherical one
Yes, Cycles just add near clip value to start point of ray

from intern/cycles/kernel/kernel_camera.h

        /* clipping */
        ray->P +=*ray->D;
        ray->t =;
        ray->t = FLT_MAX;