can blender 2.48 make clouds?

i’ve heard blender 2.5 can, but blender 2.48 make clouds?:confused:
if it can how?
i know this is a bit of a noob question but i’m new:p

I’ve used a cloud generator script before for 2.49 and I think it works for 2.48 as well…


It all depends what you mean by ‘clouds’…

2.5 adds volumetric materials - these mean you can create semitransparent 3D textures like smoke, clouds as seen from the air, and fire. On 2.49 there are ways of creating clouds out of particles (like that script), or out of textures on the sky.

i was planing to have a dragon fly through them. is it only 2.5 that can make volumetric matearials?