Can Blender artists do this ???

hey, i was just wondering that if all the blender artists united to make a huge game with great graphics .will it be possible ??
i mean if it is possible why dont we just start …i knwo it is hard but lots of ppl can do it cant they ??

The amount of work it takes just to manage a team is retarded. Unless you have like 8 hours a day to spend on telling people what to do I dont see the point. And before you start making a game, you need a concept, a storyline, you also need programmers because quite honestly BGE just cant handle great graphics or at least not in the way you mean it and you’ll need people to music as well, because a musicless game sucks.

Apricot, orange, peach…I sense a pattern here :smiley:

programmers…i think that if we modell every thing i can get one ((my bro is all languages programer exept he is noob in assembly…he told me that if i make good maps and stuff he will do the rest))

You may just have a great there buddy. Make a decent & detailed proposal & submit to the crew. If you are willing to invest your time in this development - you will have more credibility in following this project through the months & years it takes.


If he is a pro in all languages, then I would make the maps and characters and items and make a game with OGRE 3d.
Just check out this

might aswell use crystal space, less programming for him to be done… :slight_smile: