Can Blender Automatically Rig An Object?

Thanks to the feature of subsurf-ing, a common method of animation is to extrude parts of a simple geometric figure into the shape of the final model. An armature is then added to the limbs to enable movement.

Does Blender provide for centering a bone along a extrusion? Then I could simply select points, extrude them, and tell Blender to place a bone(s) along the geometric center of the extruded limb?

Such a feature would be an immeasurable boon to precision-obsessive animators like myself.

Thanks, Bob

use the snap menu.

place roughly the armature, then select the mesh, in edit mode select the vertices on which a joint should be centered, press shift+s>>cursor to selection. leave edit mode, select the armature, enter edit mode here, select the desired joint, make it snap to the cursor (shift+s>>selectiom -> cursor).

yea, tedious, but iwonder in what kind of project you might wanna use that “level of precision”. i think proper weighting is more important than mathematically centered joints. also there are certain areas where you would try to avoid exactly that - for better deformation. possible areas: shoulders, fingers, knees…

Many thank for this very helpful hint!

The human body is based on certain proportions existing between its members. In reconstructing the body for animation, our purpose is served by recreating that body with precision.

Again, thanks for the information.