Can Blender be made to indicate directly, if auto-saving is in progress?

If Blender is not responding, the only way I can determine if this is due to the auto-save is by looking at the disk footprint in Task Manager.

This problem is giving me a headache. Is there any way to view the auto save status from within the application?

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i think in this case your computer is slow or your file is big or both… usually this kind of task on computers should work in the backgroud… (maybe you are also low on RAM ??)

The auto save function also starts in predefined minutes… so you might also use any timer to show you this ?? (But of course this is no fun… so you might think of the above said… i don’t even have a SSD yet but maybe my files are too small…)

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Yes, it’s a big project and the computer becomes strained to run it, while it’s a big file hog. What I would like is to have a UI or something to indicate that Blender is doing an autosave task when Blender runs autosave. Preferably something like the save countdown in Substance Painter and 3DS MAX 2023, where I can interrupt it at any time. Because I’m always waiting for it to save and interrupt the production thought process. I would like to keep the autosave feature while having the power to interrupt it at any time. :slight_smile:

If you are going the “unsafe” ways to interrupt an autosave. then you also could just use any timer… and save manually… and restart the timer… and if you don’t want to if the timer “rings” set a new (smaller) one…

Sorry, my English is not very good, I use a translator. I’m not sure if I just replied exactly what I meant, I’ll look for some pictures to illustrate the features I want.
In 3DS Max, you can safely interrupt AutoSave manually whether it is in progress or before, and you can reset the AutoSave countdown at any time.
For example, in Substance painter, a short progress bar will appear a few tens of seconds before the autosave takes effect to alert you that the software is about to autosave, and you should avoid performance-consuming operations to prevent your software from crashing, and you can also actively choose to interrupt the autosave to maintain the continuity of your creative ideas. I think this is a very useful feature in a large software or project, but I haven’t found a solution in Blender yet.

I meant any timer… even any pure mechanical hardware :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: … like for example (and of course the image is showing an electrical gadget… ):