Can Blender be used for action figure modeling?

Saw this work on artstation and it looks just like an actual actionfigure

It was made with 3dsmax Zbrush, so i found myself asking if Blender can be used for these type of modeling or if this is just one part where Zbrush excels over Blender. Did a lot of search but cannot find any Blender tutorial on this type of modeling

Blender will be more than enough to model such stuff.

Are there tutorials on how to do this?

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Might be wrong but I think this is for Zbrush not Blender

It doesn’t matter if it’s Zbrush, the process is the same.

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It’s going to work roughly the same. Doesn’t look like there’s anything special about the sculpting technique, you need the correctly shaped interlocking pieces in a mesh that’s suitable for 3D printing. Blender can make spheres, cylanders, and booleans. And you can sculpt the face and body as usual.

Start with a video on sculpting Blender if you’re not familiar with that. Check out stuff on prepping models for 3D print after.

Yes, Zbrush is unrivalled in this field, but it can definitely be done in Blender as long as you’re not going too high detail. Blender performance falls apart if you throw too much at it.

You don’t need pore-level detail on an action figure - it’s too small.

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I’m not talking about pore level detail. I’m talking about general detail as in Sideshow level of detail.
Also, the OP example is 1:12 scale(150mm) and even with consumer 8K printers we can now print pore level detail at 1:12.

I work in this field, mostly creating 1:12 scale collectibles and I’ve tried to introduce Blender into my pipeline on several projects and the poor performance makes it unusable. A lot of the work I do is up to 200 million triangles during the working phase before final print prep. Blender simply cannot handle this amount of data without the performance hits.

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That’s definitely heavier than I would’ve expected. And obviously heavier than Blender likes.

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So you’re saying that the example I posted could only be done properly with Zbrush and not blender? In my case i am not actually looking to print them out, i am trying to create action figure like models and then try to animate them on Adobe CA.

What you posted could be done in Blender. @mushankar_blend is talking about pore level detail, which your reference image doesn’t have. It’s all about level of detail- ZBrush can handle more detail, but Blender can handle enough for something like that

Also remember that if you not going to print the model you can use normal maps to add detail instead of geometry.

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As mentioned, if you’re staying in Blender you can use normal/displacement maps and modifiers/etc. It’s totally different than printing because everything has to be pure geometry.

Blender is more than capable of achieving the example you posted.

You do not need a specific action figure tutorial for it. All you need is to learn how to model a proper figure and learn how to prepare a model for 3d print.


Blender still lack of proper sculpt tools such as pose/tranpose which make it very painful to use
i wish blender have a feature like this in the future:

Is this what would be described as low poly sculpturing or would I need a laptop with a powerful processor for this?

You need a lot of RAM for something like this. I wouldn’t recommend a laptop, I’d say a desktop with at least 32 GB of RAM

Especially for making an action figure a pose tool isn’t really needed at all for this… and:

Blender is not Z-Brush… (and doesn’t use the 2.5D technic of it) but everybody is free to use anything more suited…

…and if it hurts… just stop doing it… :person_shrugging: