Can Blender display on dual screens?

This is a new setup for me and I would like to know if there is a way to get Blender 2.5 to display on both monitors? I tried stretching the window to the other monitor (which worked) but since the monitor resolutions are different, the display is all wrong. Basically, the view on the left screens good but when it’s extended to the one on the right, the one on the right has half of the window cut off.

The monitor to the left is 1680x1050, the one to the right is 1366x768

On Windows, press CTRL + ALT + W

It duplicates the current window which you can drag to your second monitor. If you then press ALT + F11, it removes the title bar and maximizes the window over the taskbar for even more room.

see also this new tutorial on the subject:

Thanks, That did the trick!

Thanks for the shortcut keys!