Can Blender do a MMORPG

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post to the forums. I have been working with various 3D programs trying to find the right program for the work I would Like to do. I currently have grand plans for a game and it seems blender may be able to handle that kind of work. I am haveing a hard time figureing out all that you need for a game and it would be nice to know that blender can handle a large portion of the project in one program.

So is this true - can the game engine develope a MMORPG or at least take me alot of the way there?

Also, Any reference to some articles on the step by step processes and other software needed would be great



It’s more a question of can YOU do a MMORPG? It’s likely possible with Blender, especially since it’s open source, so you could code your own network functions. But even if it is capable, are you?

do you know any c or c++? or any other coding language? if so, it’s certainly possible. one is in the works right now called crescent dawn.

oh, and if a guy named social posts, please ignore him.

now, to business.
how to make a mmorpg 101:

1: learn a coding language. This is vital.

2: carefully design the game, post concepts, drawings, and everything else until everything is planned out.

3: then, and only then, start making models

4: after some basic models are done, make the base game structure

5: finish game, models, etc.

note: this is a process that WILL take several years and much effort. If you don’t have the willpower to work through it, don’t even start until you’ve learned blender and coding very thouroughly and feel confident.

Haven’t seen one of these threads in what, couple weeks anyway. There’s no net code in Blender, and it doesn’t do infinite type worlds well at all. Not only that, no one even plays mmorpg’s, they just make them. Go to a site and log on some time. 3 people on line. They should at least drop the “massive” part of the title.

Could the new Verse integration be useful at all?

fireside: have you ever tried runescape? Actually more than 3 people. Try like 30,000 losers on the same network. Scary.

Maybe MMORPH aspiring people should join together.

You’re just the Nth person rambling about RPG’s that seeimingly must be programmed, designed and edited by… someone (else?).


CDO is a “MORPG”, not an MMO.

Lol. As if you would actually know.

Did you ever make an MMORPG before?


That’s the main question that you should be asking yourself vorean. The BGE is more or less just a tool. A tool that “you” will have to use in order to make your game.

There is no “Make my game” button. You will have to spend years learning all the necessary skills to even get a good general idea of how to put things together into anything resembling an MMORPG.

That said, there is a reason why highly-complex games like MMOs are produced by highly skilled “teams” (usually more than a few people).

Sorry to shatter any delusions that you may have, but realistically speaking, you simply do not have the ability to make an MMORPG with blender.

I suggest that you focus your energy on something that you can actually complete.

You have got to be joking :eek:

Ever heard of World of Warcraft? There is something like 6 millon players that play it. So you are guarenteed at a bare minimum 100 players online on every server (if the server is online).

Anyway, start simple, there is no reason to hurry, try making a few simple things like making a maze, learning how the logic bricks work, and modeling. Then you can work your way to learning more advanced stuff such as armatures, textures, python, ect. Then once you’ve fully explored blender, made a few games, did some more advanced programming with networks and databases, you can decide to make a mmorpg. Maybe people will help you out, if you show them what you’re doing, and that you are capable of doing the work.

Jessethemid, this comment is not necessary, please don’t do it again, we want to keep a friendly community here.

Ever heard of World of Warcraft? There is something like 6 millon players that play it. So you are guarenteed at a bare minimum 100 players online on every server (if the server is online).

Yeah, but they’re all playing that game. Try one of these home brew mmorpg’s some time, if you can find one that has a server up at all. Plus, WoW is technically a strategy game isn’t it? People wore out on rpg’s a long time ago. It’s the same old thing over and over, get in a fight, rob the dead, sell stuff, get better stuff, repeat forever. There might be some console people playing them because it’s either that or some tired old sports and race car games, or lest we forget, first person shooters. You know why the Sims is so popular? not because it’s innovative really, just because it’s a change of pace from thousands of the four games played over and over again with different graphics. Of course, now the sims is just the fifth game. Let’s face it, none of those games would sell a lick if they didn’t sell an editor because the only people that use them are the ones that make games with them. That’s why I’m playing with Blender, because games don’t present a challenge or a decent story, or much of anything.

first off they are right. but it wont take years.
start off simple then work your way up.
example make a pong game
add scores
then menu
then options
then multiplayer
Originally Posted by fireside
Not only that, no one even plays mmorpg’s, they just make them. Go to a site and log on some time. 3 people on line.

Complete Lie
i play zelderex all the time. yes it is a mmorpg. it has lots of users and growing rapidly. usually a tenth of them are online and playing.
another example is Runescape same thing. i think it is a mmorpg

yeah i think Runescape as a mmorpg as well, sense they have over 3 million free players, and 300,000 paying members… wish i was the one that created that game lol. but yeh blender is capeable to make mostly any thing, just takes time and knowledge like every one else says. oh yeah patience lol.

but it wont take years.

Actually, it probably will. MM? yea, even if you were experienced it would probably take years to make any decent MM game, especially if you were by yourself…afterall, any commercial MM game does take years. A regular game wouldnt take as long ofcourse.

No offence, but I really dont understand the reasoning behind even attempting an MMO with blender. You can make great games with blender if you have the skill and time, but there really isnt any point in trying an MMO. First of all, it would be ludacrisly difficult at best, and secondly, unless it was commercial-quality, I seriouslly doubt many people would play it…deffinintly not enough to consider it MMO.

If your a newb, try a simple game first…like an arcade game. If your experienced, try anything except an MM.:stuck_out_tongue: Because just about anything else is within the realm of blenders capabilities.

I disagree that it’s pointless, but it will take years. Non commercial mmo’s make money, for sure, but its an extremely crowded market. Blender is only capable to a point. Its very difficult keeping the framerate down due to all the overhead.

I know from experience, you don’t want to attempt this.

And I don’t want any competition :slight_smile:

Dunno if this game is truly using Blender3D for anything other than modelling and animation but here is a MMORPH made with it.

If you read a little further down that FAQ, they state that the game is programmed in C, through SDL and OpenGL.

Yeah Eternal Lands’ Models/Animations were made in blender.

That’s all though, I used to play it :smiley: before i, you know, got banned hehe.

As for trying to make one, Don’t. Listen to Social and start off small :smiley:

Social is the wise and holy elder… something like that anyway.

as jessethemid stated, look for Crescent Dawn Online, it’s the only real working MMORPG (correct me if I’m wrong) in Blender.

That being said, there is no easy way to create one and you must have experience before trying to start one, otherwise it’s impossible (or, just bloody hard if you’re one of those never give up types).

First thanks for all the helpful reply’s - I am not so stupid as to think there would not be work involved - just trying to learn the tools that could actually make the game. No sence in learning 15 things you will never use in the end, thats all.

Also, I do have some help right from the start and once some of the particulars are actually all laid out we will see what happens. the only way to succeed is to try.

If anyone else has helpful resourses and ideas great. I would appriciate no more “don’t even try cause you can’t do it” type comments but then what are forums for if not to flame


  • Nobody here has anything against you, so don’t take anything personally (that’s how flame wars start).
  • You asked for advice, and we gave you ours. The fact that you didn’t like the answers, doesn’t change the validity of those answers.
  • If your looking for resources, take a look at the tutorials on the wiki, and at the Tutorials/Demos sticky at the top of the forum. Additionally you can use the forum search function to find topics on almost anything.Look, I’m just trying to save you the trouble of making some very common mistakes that new users make. Many of us have been around here for some time now, and we have all seen far too many beginners (I won’t say noobs out of respect) trying to make an “MMO”, only to realize a few weeks later that the whole thing is far beyond their head. Also, by that time most of them are so frustrated that they just plain quit blender entirely.

We just don’t want to see that happen again, that’s all.

I hope you understand.

Social - I understand your point completely. It seems to me that blender is not the program for the game it self. Crystal Space seems to be a good opetion for the engine to go alone with blender.

Like I said want to get the set of tools in my mind, learn what I can and move forward. “I have a dream”

Again thanks everyone for the help. I hope to have something to post sometime soon. RIght now we have pages of note, concept art and calculations that all need to be melded down into documentation and then start the real artwork.

Hope to get to know you all better.

The art, character design and function, and the Progression of the characters is my area at the moment.

We will see what happens