Can Blender Do This? (hope this is the right section for this)

I am currently a Cinema 4D user but am thinking of switching over to Blender for a couple of reasons. The first is the cost. It is just too expensive to keep updating C4D. The second is all the functionality available in Blender which means I don’t have to buy a lot of extra software to put together my animations.

So, in C4D, they have a tag called XPresso which is an editor that allows you do internal programming. For instance, say I have a computer console with a lot of random blinking lights. XPresso allows me to program the lights to blink randomly. You can control just about any of the attributes of lights, objects, etc. This stuff just runs in the background once it is set up. You can also set up custom controls for controlling objects, attributes, bones, etc. For instance, I could set up custom controls that would control individual fingers on a hand. Then I could add a control that would control the individual finger controls so that you could have one control to make a fist. Hope I described that correctly.

Is there anything in Blender that would allow me to do that without having to key frame everything? And I am pretty sure you should be able to set up custom controls as well.

Thanks in advance…

I assume that you would be able to do this with the python console or even program your own addon for that kind of stuff.

Take a look at Animation Nodes and Sverchok.

Animation Nodes is meant to be a procedural animation toolkit inside of Blender. Since it’s a work in progress there’s still a LOT of automated/presets stuff you won’t find if you’re used to C4D, but is very powerful anyway.

Sverchok is meant to be a procedural modeling tool, similar to Grasshopper for Rhino, and you can even combine both, generating geometry with Sverchok and animating it in AN.

Also, check out the Jimmy Gunawan youtube channel, he’s documenting his own experiments with both addons getting pretty cool results and showing what can be done already.

Hope it helps!

Also, for custom controls and functionality check this out:

Hey, thank you very much folks. It looks like Animation Nodes is very similar to the XRef tag in C4D. And the Drivers looks like it would be the same as User Controls in C4D. Looking forward to investigating this in more detail.