Can Blender do this procedural Modo-thing?

I am new to Blender and for me it would be important, if Blender can do this:
I am new to Blender


I didn’t watch the video, since I’m a bit short on time. But the Lattice modifier should work to accomplish something very similar.

Create a Cylinder, CTRL-R Loop cut it several times, I inset the side faces, checkmark the “Individual” box and adjust the thickness so that there’s a small square in the midst of every larger face. Choose Select > Inverse, and then deselect the end caps, you should now only have the tiny squares selected. In the Object Data (triangle icon) section of the Properties window, add a new vertex group and Assign the squares to it.

Back in object mode, add a Lattice object. Add some U, V and W subdivisions. Scale the lattice so that it’s larger then the cylinder.

Select the cylinder again, add a Lattice modifier. Choose your previously created lattice as the Object, and the tiny squares vertex group as the Vertex Group.

Now whatever you edit on the lattice will deform the cylinder squares.

Fixed your link. The answer to your question is: yes, but not as easily or interactively as in the video.

the morph maps are very similar to blenders shape keys. and creating the model is simple. add a cylinder and loop cut it in edit mode until it is made of squares. in exactly the same way as the video, extrude the faces, in edit mode go into face select mode and from the toolbar press extrude region, then left mouse to drop the extrusion mode without moving the new faces.
go into object mode and create a base shape key, then create a second key. go back to edit mode and press alt s to make the faces scale outwards creating the effect of the first morph map
back in object mode create a new shape key and back into edit mode, rotate the faces till your happy with them
object mode again new key, edit mode and scale the faces

once the shapekeys are made you can inset the faces and create that little extrusion thing that he does and delete the faces.

now i.m stuck because i am not sure how to create the influence falloff thing. i suspect that dynamic paint will be involved, but i dont know. i dont thing the lattice deformer will influence the shape keys in the way we want.

no. the lattice as i suspected simply deformed the whole shape. will nee to look at either drivers or dynamic paint to affect the influence