Can blender do this? Will pay for training or production of my designs.

I want to create images similar to this with my own style - not copy.

Can Blender do this? I will pay someone to create my designs or show me how to do it. I want mostly backgrounds, spheres, arrows etc. Simple concept stuff. It has to be output to a high resolution for sell as Stock.


Yes, very much so - some of what you might be looking at are effects you can produce with the compositor nodes, and using transparent materials. I think it is very possible in Blender. PM me if you want something done up.

Yes Blender can do this and more but it takes time to learn the interface to produce good results. That company is actually in my city Calgary. I’ve contacted them before but they told me they were oversaturated with 3D imagery and didn’t want any more so you may or may not be able to sell a lot to them. Contact me via PM if you are interested in me creating some imagery for you.


very easy

a lot can be dont by simply using motion blur and vector blur and later you simply overlay the 2D image.
Some of the light streaks do not match everything of those images.

looks like this could be achieved very easily with some glare filters and indirect lighting.

the hard bit would be making something that doesnt look like the image next to it. I much prefer the image at the bottom of the page with the glowing WC man.

Before you invest too much time in it - I have to say that this “stock” imagery business is a game of diminishing returns. There is such an over-saturation of images already, and there are only so many ways “arrows” or “business graphs” can be portrayed before they become too specific and thus sell less. Any images that have a lot of detail are poor sellers because no company wants to be seen using the same distinctive graphics as another (possibly more high profile) company.

I see no reason making them in blender. Better and faster way would be ps or gimp.

Seriously? 3D geometry and all? Maybe PS CS5 with the 3d import, but not Gimp… I can see how maybe some processing could be done in these programs, but not the actual modeling. Maybe I am missing something…

I have done these type of images in Blender ( Its Blender Render )
and can do more better?

See this Image

and this image

and if you want I can show more

and if you want I can give you the source blend file