Can Blender do this?

I know there is the proportional editing feature in blender but im wondering if blender can do whats in this video at 11.09 minutes. You select a group of vertices and add a deform cage to it. I looked at 2.8 scale cage but not the same.

30:22 is the end of the video.
I expect you’re looking for the lattice modifier.

maybe use “Proportional Editing” - switch it to “Connected” Mode
then use rotation/grab/scale
and maybe some sculpting helps too

Im well aware of the lattice, but the speed of simply selecting vertices and having a lattice automatically created is great work flow. Perhaps an addon that auto applies lattice to area??

Yeees! Blender can do everything :wink:

BTW, it’d be easier to help if you actually showed us what you were looking for. As mentioned 30.22 the video ends.

What you described in your last post is possible. There already is an addon that does this.
You never mentioned what version of blender you are looking to have this in, I’m gonna assume 2.8

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Thank you! Yes the time is 11.09 sorry for that! And the 3ds max modifier is known as ffd.