Can Blender Do This?

I am totally new to Blender and need to know if this program can do the following things.
-Can Blender be used to “decimate” the polygon count of an imported .obj file?
-Can Blender be used to make an imported .obj file with double-sided geometry one-sided?

  • If so, what is the procedure for doing this?
    The reason I’m asking is because I am Poser 5 user and am trying out Blender to broaden my horizons. [hopefully I won’t get flamed for being an admitted Poser user :-D] Currently I am having trouble with a conforming clothing .obj file with double-sided geometry that I am trying to make work as a dynamic cloth .obj. Unfortunately with Poser, .obj files with double-sided geometry don’t work as dynamic cloth because of the extra collisions and calculations required for the cloth simulator to work with and it causes the program to crash…no matter how much RAM one has. My theory is that by decimating the polygon count of the above mentioned cloth .obj and/or converting it to one-sided geometry will make the .obj file work in my cloth simulator. I know Blender allows the importing and exporting of an .obj, but can someone here advise me on whether Blender can perform what I am asking and the procedure for doing it?
    Thanks in advance.

you’d remove doubles [edit buttons, perhaps turn up lim first], then recalculate normals

using the decimator isn’t that good of an idea, the result is really bad [particulary if you want to subsurf it]

furthermore, it doesn’t preserve uv coordinates

but other than that, sure