Can blender do this?


I’ve done this tutorial (or at least the plant pot part of it) no problem in max, but I cant seem to be able to recreate it in blender.

Basically what I want to now is, is there any way to turn a bunch of edges into cubes?

Thank you, Borg.

F makes a Face out of two edges.

Try selecting the edges you want, and just control LMB where you want to place another set of them. scale them a bit and repeat to “grow” your tree branches.


I dont want to make a face…I want it to be a cube. Unless I dont get what you’re suggesting. Oh and in case I wasnt clear enough if the pot im trying to recreate no the plant.

Several ways to do this (creating the pot object from the tutorial)

  • Use the “edges to curve” script. Then use a bevel object to apply “thickness” you can then convert the curves back to a mesh.Or
  • Extrude the selected polys with “extrude scale” followed by “extrude spin” (with proper settings of course)A couple of things to think about.

Some of us are less then thrilled with thread titles of “Can Blender do X”. Max can’t create the object you are modeling, a Max USER with the understanding of how to use the Max TOOLSET can. Next time ask for help with the exact step you need, (your statement about turning edges to cubes is less then clear) there are lots of people who can and will help you with Blender’s toolset.


Eh sorry, I’ll try to remember that next time. I will try these as soon as I get home. Hopefully the edge to curve script wont be hard to find. Thanks for the suggestions.

The vertex “noise” script from:
will be helpful to have for this.