Can blender do this?

Ive been playing around with Blender for a couple of weeks doing the wiki tutorial and it is a wonderful piece of software but so far I have not been able to find out if I can do what I want to and that is create models with morphs similiar to those in Daz and Poser so that you can animate and modify the models with parameters such as scaling, etc… I am willing to spend as much time need to learn but dont want to spend a lot of time learning if it will not be able to do this. Thanks for any advice.

Look into shape keys.

This was probably more suited for Basics & Interface for future reference, as well.

But… welcome to BA!

Yes, actually Blender just provides other ways of doing the same things. You can deform Meshes (and other Object types) in a viriety of ways using Modifiers and can also assign Vertex Groups (Groups of Vertices) within that mesh and isolate the deforms to those areas. Shape Keys, Armatures and Lattices are can all be Keyframed and can use Interpolation Curves from each other to Drive (Drivers) so that (let’s say) the Rotation around X of a Bone in the Armature can drive the ShapeKey for muscle expantion… like Morph Targets.


Thks guys. I was just looking in the wrong places. I see I can do everything with blender.