Can Blender do "Tweening"

Hash Animation Master can do tweening by making animation cycles of a character. I think they call it pose animation? Anyway, you can make cycles of your character either a run, sit , or jump. Then you can incorporate that in your animation later on if needed. Can Blender do the same thing?

Yes, it does. That’s far too much to cover in-depth in a post, so look for actions and the NLA editor. The action editor lets you key-frame a motion on an armature. Then, in the NLA editor, you can turn these sets of keyframes into ‘action strips’ that can be played with, cycled along a path, combined, superimposed, etc. You can also import them into other files, allowing you to build up a library of motions if you use the same setup often.

I’m also wondering if bones in one character can be used to another? Is this possible in Blender?

If you mean re-using the same setup, sure. You can also duplicate the armature and use the animations on that one too. You can add or delete bones, and blender’s pretty good about ignoring any discrepancies between skeletons, so long as they’re mostly the same. Just be sure to name the bones consistently.

Wow! I never realised that Blender has gone a long way being this complete 3d software. Thanks for the info Aurrin. :slight_smile: