Can blender export motion vector files for Reel Smart Motion Blur to use in AE

Hi, I’m working on a multi-thousand dollar opener for a TV show pitch, and I am wanting to know if there is a way to export motion vector information to use with RSMB (Reel Smart Motion Blur) inside of After Effects?

Thanks for any help, I looked through add-ons to use, and couldn’t find any to activate within blender ( Build R50400 ).

What is the stance of the blender community on working with 3rd party tools in a professional environment?

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feeling stupid now - realized I wasn’t changing to look at the Vector pass when I was rendering, ha ha - well, I suppose I should leave it up for other people to see incase I’m not the only person having a dumb day :slight_smile:

Do the vectors just work or did you have to flip any channels?