can Blender Export Movies to use in other Programs?

i am new to blender. 2 days in.

wondering if i can export 3d objects from blender to composite in After effects or Avid.

Is this possible or does everything have to be done in blender only?


You have a whole bunch of options under the File/Export menu. Take a look. For exporting to Avid or After Effects, you can also render as AVI and Quicktime.

Ciao for now!


Welcome to Blender, by the way!

can you export a movie with an alpha channel? if so how?

You’ll have to export series of images to get an alpha channel. Movie formats don’t have an alpha channel.

Again there is a support section for questions like this
and you might want to check the manual

Its my understanding that Quicktime supports alpha in certain codecs. However, I’ve tried but have no way to verify that its happening (I’m low on the $$$ to be able to afford the compositing apps just now…) This thread has more info that may help. You may try chromakeying or doing your compositing right in blender’s sequencer (see musk’s wiki link.)

Ditto the welcome, hockmasm. Don’t get discouraged. Blender can be a great asset to your endeavors!

You can export a movie with alpha channel: Go to Scene (F10), then Render Button and in the Format tab choose quicktime and under it press RGBA (Red,Green,Blue, ALPHA)
You can also export with alpha channel in some FFMpeg formats.

problem solved.
for now on, use support sections for questions like this. thanks.