can blender generate this f-curve?

it would be useful to take a sine curve, and modify it so the waves get shorter and shorter as time passes. Or longer and longer for that matter. I haven’t found a way to do this with an f-curve modifier. Envelopes can only make the wave height change through time. Doing it manually is impractical and mathematically imprecise. This is what I’d like the function curve to look like:

Is blender capable of generating this curve? :spin:

As far as Sin curve for F-Curve there is a Built in Function under F-Curve Properties in Graph Editor:

Try a driver?

Paste this into the property you want (off the top of my head, not sure if it’s exactly right:)


where 1.0 and 24 are scale factors for the amplitude and “frequency” to modify as you please, and 40 is the total number of cycles it will go through before asymptotically stopping. (Also modify as you please.)

If for some reason you need greater-than-frame precision, use another object’s property as a variable to put in place of “frame” and make that object’s property (like x-location) increase at exactly the speed you want. (An f-curve modifier would work well there.)