Can Blender get results like the Ziva VFX plug for Maya?

I was really impressed with this plug, Does Blender have anything like this available?

You could say what it does… After a quick research its a muscle system simulation? There is an addon like this on the blender market but i doubt that is has the same quality. But there are plans to develop this for blender.

I bought X-Muscle. Am playing with it now.

Please leave your opinion on it here. I want to know if it’s useful or not.

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Will be awhile before I can leave any credible opinion and as far as comparing to it Ziva well I don’t have Ziva so i will not be able to judge in that regard. I will try to remember to re-post on this.


Did you tried the addon?

Hey :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

Do you remember where you read that there are plans to develop a tissue system for Blender? I mean, other than X-Muscle.

I’ve used both and they are two TOTALLY different things. Ziva is physical simulation and x-muscle system is weight painting, basically. It’s pears and apples, not the same league.

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