Can Blender handle 2 subjects flowing in a pipe at the same time

I am new to Blender and new to this forum as well. I need an advice about blender’s capacities.
I wanted to make a video to show fluid with 2 substances flowing in a pipe while these 2 substances can be controlled individually. For example, water and with some floating oil run through a pile. as time being the oil gradually deposit inside the pipe, the pipe diameter become narrower and water flow become smaller and smaller.

Is this possible to use blender to show this? or what is the better program can be used here.

Any advise is much appreciated.

With the fluid simulation in Blender, you can vary the size of the inflow (simulating a narrower pipe for instance) but i’m almost sure you can’t mix fluids with different caracteristics. My guess is you can have several inflow but it’s the same fluid within a single domain (the domain is the volume where the simulation is computed, you can have several domains though).
Maybe it’s possible to fake what you try to do manually (and probably with much exertion).

No idea about the software you could use.

So bad to hear that, but Thanks very much!