Can Blender Import Multiple .objs at Once?

I’ve got about 50 .objs which all link together. So is there a way to import them all at - going into import>find obj>import and repeat is pretty annoying?

you could select with RMB all the ojects then import them at ounce!


Just tried it. It managed to select them all but it only imported one…

when you selected did all the selected one had a highlithed lines ?

it should work i used this very often and it’s easy to do !


Yep, they all have highlighted lines.

In the filename box it shows *.obj and when I try to import it Blender says “You have illegal characters in the filename”.

The first time it showed file1.obj (that explains why only that one imported).

did you select append or import ?

i mean this should go easy it’s very simple but your doing something strange here

follow the wiki page for append

that should work fine

can you show pic of your screen so we can see the button window when you do that !


Here’s a screeny for ya.


mmm… perhaps you need the meshfoot script by Atom?

your trying to upload several obj file

you need to import thess files not to append them

you can append from another blend file

sorry but may be someone else can help with this one
because i never imported several files at ounce