Can blender make like Tomb raider ?


Can Blender make like Tomb raider, what about GI, depth of field, complex cast shadows, big scene, etc … ?

I know there is exist for third person(need tutorial too) but where I can find for AI enemy tutorial ? UI interface on screen tutorial ?


Blender does not make games. You can use Blender to make games. So it is more a question if you can do that. Blender can be a tool as well as the BGE can be part of your game.

No engine can make Tomb Raider, but a huge group of professionals with tasty wages, working for one of the biggest game dev studios in the world…it’s another thing. :wink:

Yeah, it’s a bunch of raycasts, or collision sensors, input handling and states.

If jumping and falling, and collision sensor touches ledge, switch to state hanging.


Tomb raider 1 should not be that hard to pull off,

You will need a professional coder however.

Yes Monster I mean BGE, thank you.

Damn ! I was thinking is possible for third person with beautiful looking in BGE ?

Sure I need to be professional so can you teach me in python with BGE, please ?

Get the python Api open

You need to use built in state machine, or create your own.

Coding, is understanding that everything happens over time, and a few basic equations.

We need to be able to isolate everything, so it’s not a giant if else branch, and understand what stats can transition to others.

I personally use a system that is a dictionary that calls functions, so the agents state can be a “strip” of lists, (a tuple).

I have perfected the system but it’s in a commercial work and will release when the game releases,

However a almost complete version is built into my last BGMC Manic Mack, in the finished games section.

You can use the BGE to create a “platform” game. Be aware that it requires quite a lot of many different skills to create all the aspects of a game.

Logic bricks and Python are ways to describe the game’s business logic. Before you start with that you should be aware what you want to achieve. It need to be detailed that much that you can tell the BGE what to do. But this is nothing someone can tell you in one or two posts.

You can start with something simple, like this tutorial series:

Making a game in blender similar to tomb rider is not impossible, if you know exactly what to do, yes it need alot of experience in coding, but yet not impossible at all, this is a game system that I did in the past year’s for a test
Check this one

Its possible! You need to program. :slight_smile:

@BluePrintRandom : I have idea to make but how to do it, it is more important if someone can teach me for right direction ? right?

@Monster : I understand it i will try for platform game, thank you.

@haidme : thank you for your link it is useful.

@alf0 : Ok I need to experience for programming to do it well, cause I don’t know yet. Your link doesn’t work :confused:

@Akira_San : Sure, I was thinking too, need to program as well helping me to get right for interactivity. I need to learn more and more in BGE to throw something stuff.

You could try this template too. Link: