Can Blender match holomatix engine´s capabilities?

Could Blender match the holomatix engine´s playing capabilities? As far as quality and features for the kind of demo linked below?

As fas as I could tell, I didn´t have to accept any security warning before being able to see the “plugin” content. Does it download any plugin at all? Or runs as Java or something like it?

Could Blender handle the movement comand via buttons, like in the above demo? What about the measuring gadged?

Note: Of course, Blender has many capabilities this engine doesn´t like armatures, Python…

it is java

blender could match it, but it would require installing the blender plugin and doing the gloss effect would not be perfect [you would need to duplicate and likely scale the mesh for the glossy parts]

java is reletively slow…

but blender implements things with a lot of overhead… blender could at least match this though.

However, i’m not sure how real this demo is… it may be a series of snap shots of the phone from many angles…

The measure is possible but the big draw back of blender is the text. So it wouldn’t be as clean text.


it most certainly is not, that would take forever [and a while] to load

Thanks, guys. Now would it be very dificult to code the ruler (would just logic bricks be enought or would some python be needed)?