Can Blender simulate clothes?

Hey, I have a quick question: how and is it possible to simulat clothes on Blender? Do I use hooks? Python? Please dazzle me with an explination.

play with the instinctive blender builds if you can find one for your platform

there is no reasonable way to do cloth currently in blender.

a python script could be written to do this, but it would be horribly slow [and would suffer the same problems as most first-generation cloth simulations]

Same problems such what? Stability and clipping?

i came across this page dealing with cloth simulation. It’s interesting, I just don’t know how practical it is since I haven’t been able to try it (no OS X build).

Same problems such what? Stability and clipping?[/quote]
stability, issues with self intersecting objects [like armpits], speed, usuability with irregular meshes [faces of different sizes, having triangles, extreemly non-square faces]…

cloth isn’t easy

I’ve never been able to get topix to work [didn’t have the .dll for the python module], but it requrires blender 2.23, python 2.0, and only works with cloth and sphere bounds. I dont’ belive anyone has made any effort to update it further.

How could running some of these scripts corrupt my computer? In the Tutorial given that is what it states, and so far that is the part I am afraid of :-?

It won’t. Don’t worry about it.

Here is the good news, my brother in laws best man works with Play Station concept art and has given me Maya 5.0. I have no idea how to use it, but it comes with a simulation. Sigh, I hate buying into such things as this, but Blender just can’t handle anything. Still working on a script though to deform a plane onto a mesh, but am very apprehensive about it. Thank you for your help!