Can Blender take advantage of DirectStorage?

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Not really.

If its even implemetable? - DS could be only dx12u and only win11 feature. Also it could work only with GPU textures formats (DXT, BC, ASTC) and not regular png, jpg etc.

It wont be beneficial as much as it is for games. Loading textures in blender is not being done constantly like it is in games, only at loading .blend or during preparation of render.

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I was thinking of shader compilation, i know it is just once but sometimes takes quite a long time.

I don’t know for DirectStorage but some things based on modern SSD performances seems possible, OTOY has something in the works for Octane, allowing to stream both geometry and textures which breaks the VRAM constraint ( even if I guess there will be some bottlenecks or limitations but Unreal showed us that it’s doable).

It’s time to invest in SSD manufacturers :wink:

( look for the video in the comments )