Can blender use game controllers?

Can blender use game controllers like the ps2 controller if it is connected to the pc? If so, which ones?
I’m going to toy around with making co-op blends for my cousin and myself to play and it would be awkward for us to share the keyboard.

heared that it supports wii .

it can.

on linux a ps3 controller just works…
on windows I think you can get a driver somewhere, but you’d have to search.

the “six axis tilt” doesn’t work.

xbox360 should just work…

I’ve had some problems with the right analog stick… sometimes it’s 90 degrees out eg up is right, right is down etc… trial and error I’m afraid…

I did have a problem with one axis on the second stick only giving positive values regardless

Not naively, but there are scripts out there. Just search for “joystick scripts” and you’ll find something.

I think he already has the controller working on his pc :wink:

Try the joystick sensor. It goes up to button 18. And my ps3 controller I can only get up to 17 of the 19 buttons to become highlighted in the controller properties panel. By using this panel (found under control panel -> game controllers -> properties) you can find which buttons correspond to witch number, and then select the right one for blender. So, instead of a keyboard:a sensor, you could have a joystick:button:3 sensor or something.

Just remember to subtract one from the number since blender starts at zero, and the control panel starts at 1.

I gave this a try with my ps3 controller and it worked fine.


I was talking about ps2 and xbox controllers. Would they just work with blender? Could I have both players use the same type of controller or would I need two controllers.

All controllers can be used by the GameEngine using the same method :wink:

I wanted to make sure that player 1 does not accidentially control player 2’s character.