Can blender use those tablet things?

I was wondering if blender could use those tablet things that you see all the computer artists using. Like the things that kindof act as a mouse but are a stylus and a pad.

Also, if blender can use it, how useful would it be, and how much more productivity does it add.

Thats something I want to know too.

Sure you can use a tablet. I don’t think blender supports pressure sensitivity though, not that there is much to use it for outside of vertex or weight painting.

There is the sulptmesh script that can access pressure sensitivity as well.

Is it worth the investment just for blender- no. However, if you plan on using photoshop or gimp or sculptmesh or I believe Zbrush with blender, then it could be worth a look into. It saves a lot of time when painting textures, believe me. So if you plan to ever use UV maps (which you should) then you almost certainly are going to want one.

I still do most of my modelling and blender work with a mouse though.

I tried my tablet with Blender and it is very difficult for me. I don’t see any advantage for using it in Blender.

However, it is great for making textures for Blender (with PaintShop), like scratches, dirt marks, or Alpha-Channel Hairs and things like that.

I’ve never tried with blender, but all the artists typically use a trackball or mouse with Lightwave at work. However, if your going to use photoshop or any other paint program, they are almost a must have for any semi-serious artist. You can get a cheaper hobbyist set for about $99 and a decent professional kit for about $250.

By the way,

is there a way to intergrate the 3dconnexion SpacePilot into Blender, or is there no driver thing oder plugin needed. Any experiences ?

This thing looks great, because blender uses so many tiny shortcuts.

Blender can use a tablet. It’s just treated the same as any other mouse (except possibly you have it mapped to represent an exact proportion of the screen) by any program not specifically coded to support its extra features. However, I see no point in getting one just for Blender. It’s much better suited to other programs. The advantage of a tablet is that it lets you draw or paint similar to how you would with a pencil or brush in hand. A mouse is a more comfortable way to deal with 3d to me. I only switch to my tablet when I’m doing something 2d.

It’s really a matter of preference and what settings you have on your tablet. I set mine to act more like a mouse instead of using exact screen coordinates and I actually prefer to use a tablet over a mouse when it comes to modeling. Especially when you spend several hours in a computer arts building, your hand starts to cramp up every so often on a regular mouse :frowning:

However, that’s just me. Some people I’ve met absolutely hate tablets with a passion and wouldn’t even use them for PhotoShop much less Blender.

I do agree, though; don’t get a tablet on account of just one program. You’ll lose serious money that way. Take some time to consider it. If you know someone who has one, ask them to let you borrow it for an hour or two and use it with whatever is installed on your computer.