Can blender will be able to open Cinema 4D file?


I am native from Cinema 4d and I have a lot of project done with Cinema 4d. Now at day I’m working only with Blender and it’s phenomenal, but could some one tell if blender foundation is planing to incorporate an plugin to open Cinema 4D file in Blender?

Thank you

Hi, no the .c4d format is closed source as .max from 3dsmax but cinema can export to .obj or dxf.
I think it is no way around export and reimport in blender.

Cheers, mib.

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Not entirely true: Maxon offers the Melange SDK which can be used to write an importer, or a utility to convert *.c4d files to a *.blend file.

Of course, someone would have to write such a importer, and I wonder if there would not be issues in regards to using it in an open source project.

Would be difficult to ship with Blender. There’s no information regarding the license that the SDK is released under… which usually means that, whatever the license, it’s probably not GPL compatible (much like the FBX SDK). This might be worked around with a third-party add-on, but such an importer would not likely ever ship with Blender.