can blenders realtime engine do...

(TomorrowMan) #1

hey, i gotta question…is there a way you can hold in a button (instead of just tapping it) and send a different pulse…like if i tap “R” it makes someone run, but if a hold “R” it makes someone reload…or something like that…or can i send a different pulse by holding in one button, and tapping another…for example…if i wanted to jump i press uparrow, but if i wanted to long jump, i press uparrow AND hold “F”…is there a way to do that? a way not involving python :stuck_out_tongue: ? (im not that expereinced with python)

(z3r0 d) #2

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umm, maybe this will work, no time to test it. Just theory
so, you will have the key sensor for the jump key (for simplicity [J])
… and it will have true pulse mode turned on, and the pulse setting at a higher-than-z3r0 value

it is connected to two controllers, the first of which is connected to an actuator which sets a property (heldKey) to 1 (or true, or whatever)

the second controller is an and (which never seem to work for me… ALthough they never really had to), and is connected to a property sensor (for heldKey) that senses when the property is true (or greater than 0 or whatever)

another keyboard sensor, with false pulse mode turned on, pulse setting 0, and inverted output, connected to controller, connected in turn to a property actuator that resets the heldKey.

… or you could use a timer actuator, and reset it, and have another property that determines how much time must pass before the jump actuator is activated (expression controller?)

I think maybe it is too late for my post to make sense.