can blener GE make online games?

hello ,
i made some simple blender games but i want to make a muit-player game
dos blender have networking?
if so , cool
if not
what software / program can i use to help make a online game , but still using blender?


No, not anymore.

just export to md3 and use this :

Yes, you can create online games in blender you just need to learn python scripting and sockets. If you are planning on learning this i suggest allot of small tests and playing around. Also i suggest making your server in pyhton instead of blender, the best pyhton gui I have seen would be idle:

I can tell you it is possible because I have seen working multiplayer fps tests (only 2 people), racing tests with up to 4 players, highscore servers, and a blender made MMO. As for socket tutorials I can’t help you much there, just look them up in google, but this tutorial will teach you everyhting you need to know about normal python:

Python in blender works a bit differently, I dont really have any tutorials i can give you but you should be able to find what you need easily. Good luck.

Wait, so how does that work?

You create your models in Blender and export them to .md3 and then you use ioquake3 to make the game?

Could you explain the processes a little more - or send me to a place that explains Blender to ioquake3 relationship?

(I was the one who asked earlier about Blender online. :P)

~ Aquiva

Sure here you go:

this is a good place too… they are switching over the main site, so check back

There you go: Multiplayer for GE

The switch has been done… sort of, the new host and domain name (katsbits) is up and running, I’m just waiting on a reroute of the old Quake3Bits domain to the new one.
I’ve been adding content to the new site with quite a few more tools; just recently found a couple more I need to add. New tools page;
As an aside, I’ve got a forum that’s dedicated to using Blender to create game and intereactive 3D content so it might be worth dropping by nudge nudge :wink:

thank you very much for your answers , links and tips and it will be a great help.

and thank you very much Gomer , with pyhton gui , coz i been looking for one of them :wink:

teen92 :cool: