Can Bones be added to moving objects? is it a good idea for tracking location?


Hi everyone,

I hope to get some assistance with a blender thing.

I have been messing around with blender alot… and am making a animation learning things as I go… lucky I had some Skyrim fun years ago fiddle with armors etc. so I’m getting use to blender and it’s million shortcuts

I have tried many ways to make my task work but still not 100% happy with it.

I am trying to make a tube that I made using Torus (Donut Shaped) I have applied array to a modified mesh to give me well I guess a vacuum hose looking thing
The House is attached and helped to align using bezierCurve

I’m animating the hose to land on the plug manually and would like to make this semi automatic… I would like to see the hose when near to actively find it and would imagine I might get alot more random movements without me applying coordinates for each time the tube approaches the plug…

I applied bone “TRACK TO” Bone constraint to the plug and it points toward the tube… but the hose needs to find the plug and self guide onto the plug…

The plug has bones on it… for when I want to manually move the plug. I would like to have the plug to have MESH DEFORM added to a boundary box similar to how the breast jiggle thing works.

Can I place a bone on an object which is being animated, moving, and being a non stationary object? (I need a bone to hook up the TRACK TO bone constraint.)

I would like the tube to slightly activly find where it’s going. As I might add some mesh modifier to distort it provide somewhat of a physics to provide some slight realism

Thanks in advanced…